Yes, although you may have heard this over and over again.  It is in fact (according to all the gurus) AT THIS MOMENT, THE BEST WAY to drive traffic to any offer or website that you may have in mind.  There are plenty of Guru’s offering to teach you how to do this (Chris Record, etc..)  so I will just give you a quick summary of what they recommend.

  1. Create an offer and have it loaded up on a website or somewhere where you can access it.
  2. Create an ad manager account on Facebook and then choose an audience for your product.
    N.B.  You need to target your audience, so be specific.  Choose the age range then the specific group of people that might like it.
  3. Test your Ad on a $5 ad spend to see if it works.   If not then kill it after a couple of Days.  (Restart)
  4. If yes, start spending more money on that add, and try to fine-tune the targeting.
  5. Keep going, and start pulling in the profits.

Sounds simple, but there is a little bit more to it.  Such as the technical details on how to set up the ads etc.

This link to Ads Manager Basics should get you started.  (Click on the words)