About us

Web World View is run by Web World Enterprises Limited, an internet services based corporate company.  It was founded by Jeff and Susan Bull in Hong Kong.  They also partner with Paul Bull from Australia who provides Marketing and Sales Advice.

Our clients are our primary concern and we try to do our best to supply products that both fulfill the needs of our clients and solve their problems.

Our Goal is to Provide Excellent Value for Clients and End Users and Always Over Deliver With Our Products, and Our Services

Our core values include:

  • A Belief That Effective Business Ventures are Ethical and Built on Care, Trust and Mutual Respect
  • Valuable and Timely Information and Solutions for Businesses
  • A Drive to Pursue Excellency, Efficiency and Accuracy in All We Do

Our Services Include

  • Internet and e-commerce consultation
  • e-education and training
  • HTML Email Design

Both Jeff and Susan have a passion to learn and do the best for their customers.

As a qualified Computer Systems Englneer and School Teacher, Jeff has a passion for helping people online to achieve their dreams and goals.

With a background in Interior Design, Customer Support and Administration Susan is client focused and is passionate about ensuring a high quality outcome for her customers.

Having run a successful export business for more than 20 years, Paul lends his considerable experience to Marketing and Sales, and always likes to deliver high quality products.